Cornea and Dry Eye Service @ Ohshima Hospital

Three months have passed since I moved to Ohshima Hospital of Ophthalmology. We have Cornea and Dry Eye service on every Wednesday. I, Dr. Morishige, see patients with any problems with cornea or tearfilm on Wednesday morning, then Dr. Teruo Nishida sees patients with severer patients with corneal disorders. Dr. Nishida and I together see patients to treat with any medical and surgical approaches.

The name of this service includes “Dry Eye”, however, we do not see patients with tearfilm trouble alone. When we see patients with “corneal trouble”, then we find any tearfilm disorders relating to corneal disorders, we start treating the tearfilm disorders in order to improve corneal conditions. Thus we should call this service as “Cornea and Ocular Surface”, but it is difficult to understand for the patients. My affiliation is “Division and Cornea and Ocular Surface”.  It is described in my business card. This indicates the real concept of Cornea and Dry Eye.

Under huge limitation in this hospital compared to university hospital, we start struggling to treat the patients with cornea and/or tearfilm troubles. It seems to be a difficult way, but I believe that we can do that. Because…I work with Dr. NISHIDA!!!


My business card.