2013年5月7日(火)19:30~20:30Seattle, USA


James V. Jester 教授

(Ophthalmology School of Medicine University of California, Irvine)

The Effects of Age and Evaporative Stress on Meibomian Gland Function.




雑賀 司珠也 教授


Growth factor signaling in embryonic eyelid morphogenesis.

Choun-Ki Joo 教授

(Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine, The Catholic University of Korea)

3D imaging of Meibomian glands


2014年11月22日(土)15:00~17:00東大病院 入院棟15階大会議室


Dr. Tohru Sakimoto

(Nihon University Itabashi Hospital)

Fundamental mechanisms of ocular surface inflammation

Kyoung Yul Seo 教授

(Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea)

Inflammatory cytokines related to MGD

第3回国際講演会 第3回国際講演会 第3回国際講演会 第3回国際講演会

The 4th LIME International Conference

2016年5月4日(水)19:30~Seattle, USA

The 4th LIME International Conference

Opening Remarks
Reiko Arita, Itoh Clinic / LIME, Japan
I. Mini-symposium “Meibomian Gland”


Naoyuki Morishige(Yamaguchi Univ.), Shizuka Koh(Osaka Univ.),
Motoko Kawashima(Keio Univ.), Rika Shirakawa(Univ. of Tokyo)
Topic / SpeakerModerator
New insights of lipid layer and meibomian glands.

Reiko Arita(Itoh Clinic / LIME, Japan)

Choun-Ki Joo
(Catholic Univ. of Korea, S. Korea)
The relationship between Morphology and Function of the meibomian glands.

Jong Suk Song(Korea Univ., S. Korea)

Kyoung Yul Seo
(Yonsei Univ. Hospital, S. Korea)
The clinical application of in vivo confocal microscopy of the meibomian glands.

Edoardo Villani(Univ. of Milan, Italy)

James V. Jester
(Univ. of Calif. Irvine, USA)
Nonobvious MGD.

Caroline Blackie(TearScience, USA)

Jerry Paugh
(Southern Calif. College of Optometry, USA)
II. Integral Discussion “Diagnostic criteria for MGD in each country”


Shizuya Saika (Wakayama Medical Univ.), Reiko Arita (Itoh Clinic)
III. Open Discussion with Dinner




Prof. Eric Knop

(Center for Anatomy,Charite – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany)


The 6th LIME International Meeting

2017年5月9日(火)18:00~21:00Baltimore, USA

The 6th LIME International Meeting

Opening Remarks
Dr.Reiko Arita (Representative Board Member, LIME Working Group)
Greetings from TearScience
Thomas Fry (Vice President, International, TearScience)
Introduction speake
Dr. Reiko Arita
Plenary Lecture
Dr. Donald R. Korb (Korb Associates, Korb Research)
“MGD – The center of the dry eye universe: 1980 – 2017”
Discussion with Dr. Korb
Greetings from TearScience
Clyde F. Ito (Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, TearScience)
Closing Remarks
Dr.Naoyuki Morishige (Board Member, LIME Working Group)

The 7th LIME international meeting

2018年4月29日(日)18:00~21:30Hawaii, USA

Opening Remarks
Reiko Arita (Representative LIME Board Meeting)
Sponsor Company Greetings
Mr. Serita (KOWA). Mr. Sato (Lumenis Japan)
1. Clinical Research in MGD and Meibomian gland


Dr. Jennifer Craig(The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Dr. Motoko Kawashima(Keio University, Japan)

Topic Speaker
Healthcare delivery in MGD and blepharitis.

Dr. Louis MG. Tong
(Singapore National Eye Center, Singapore)

The efficacy of IPL (M22) treatment on refractory MGD – a multi-center study-.

Dr. Reiko Arita
(Itoh clinic, Japan)

Understandings of lipid profile with DR-1α tear interferometry.

Dr. Kyoung Yul Seo
(Yonsei University College of Medicine, South Korea)

2. Basic Research in Meibomian gland


Dr. Choun-Ki Joo(St.Catholic University of Medicine, South Korea)
Dr. Naoyuki Morishige(Ohshima Eye Hospital, Japan)

Topic Speaker
Combined Optical Coherence Tomography and Interferometry for Imaging the Tear Film.

Dr. William Ngo
(University of Alabama at Birmingham, U.S.)

Notch signaling in MGs and its therapeutic potential.

Dr. Ali R. Djalilian
(University of Illinois Hospital, U.S.)

Meibogenesis – biosynthesis of lipids in the Meibomian gland from the genomic and lipidomic points of view

Dr. Igor Butovich
(University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, U.S.)

PPAR gamma regulation of Meibocyte Differentiation.

Dr. James V. Jester
(University of California, Irvine, U.S.)

Group photo
Total Discussion and Buffet
Closing remarks

The 8th LIME international meeting

Tuesday, April 30, 2019Vancouver,Canada

– Facilitator

Osama Ibrahim (Department of Ophthalmology,Tokyo Dental College, Japan)

Opening remarks

Reiko Arita (Representative LIME Board Meeting)

Sponsor Company Greetings

Sean Clark (Alcon Japan Ltd.)

1.Presentations from LIME international members

Dr. Louis MG. Tong (Singapore National Eye Center, Singapore)


Dr. Tor Paaske Utheim
(Univesrity of Oslo, Norway)

Dr. Eduardo Villani(University of Milan, Italy)

MGD and Dry eye are similar, but different;
based on a population-based study in Japan
(Hirado-Takushima Study)

Dr. Reiko Arita
(Itoh clinic, Japan)

Dr. Shizuka Koh(Osaka University, Japan)

Mechanical and eyeliner effect on meibomian glands

Dr. Jerry Paugh
(Ketchum University, U.S.)

2.Key Note Lectures

Dr. Jennifer Craig(The University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Dr. Kyoung Yul Seo(Yonsei University, South Korea)

Pharmacological effects on meibocyte differentiation

Dr. Friedrich Paulsen
(Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)

Ménage à trois: Sex, sex steroids and meibomian gland dysfunction

Dr. David A. Sullivan
(Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard Medical School, U.S.)

Group Photo
Total Discussion and Buffet
Closing remarks

KMOS Joint Meeting

First LIME – KMOS Joint Meeting



Dr. Arita and Dr. Song
Santen company

2.First session:Hot topics on MGD

■Moderator: Dr. Kawashima and Dr. Jun RM

One presentation from LIME: Dr. Suzuki
One presentation from KMOS: Dr. Hwang HS

3.Sponsor session

■Moderator: Dr. Kawashima and Dr. Jun RM

“Efficacy of Diquas on lipid layer of tear film”: Dr. Fukuoka

4.Plenary lecture

■Moderator: Dr. Arita and Dr. Song

Dr. Jennifer Craig

5.Debate session

Dr. Seo and Dr. Morishige

“Definition, diagnostic criteria, classification and management of MGD in each country”

One presentation from KMOS: Dr. Song
One presentation from LIME: Dr. Arita

5.Group photo and Dinner
6.Self-introduction to LIME and KMOS members

■Moderator: Dr. Shirakawa and Dr. Eom Y


2nd LIME-KMOS Joint Meeting

Saturday, April 27, 2019Vancouver,Canada

1.Opening Remarks

Reiko Arita, Itoh Clinic, Japan

2.Welcome Address



Osama Ibrahim, LIME, Japan

4.Progress of international collaborative study

Jong Suk Song, Korea University, Korea

5.Presentation from LIME & Discussion

Results from population-based study in Takushima island

Reiko Arita, Itoh Clinic, Japan

6.Presentation from KMOS & Discussion

EPA activates PPARγ signaling leading to lipid synthesis and autophagy in hMGEC

Sun Woong Kim, Yonsei University, Korea

7.Key note lecture & Discussion

Diagnostic classification of tear dysfunction
– the similarities and differences between MGD, conjunctivochalasis and aqueous deficiency-

Stephen C. Pflugfelder, Baylor College, US

8.Group Photo & Dinner