» The 6th LIME International Meeting

日 時 2017年05月09日 / 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
場 所 Aldo’s Ristorante

The 6th LIME International Meeting

Opening Remarks
Dr.Reiko Arita (Representative Board Member, LIME Working Group)
Greetings from TearScience
Thomas Fry (Vice President, International, TearScience)
Introduction speake
Dr. Reiko Arita
Plenary Lecture
Dr. Donald R. Korb (Korb Associates, Korb Research)
“MGD – The center of the dry eye universe: 1980 – 2017”
Discussion with Dr. Korb
Greetings from TearScience
Clyde F. Ito (Asia Pacific Business Development Manager, TearScience)
Closing Remarks
Dr.Naoyuki Morishige (Board Member, LIME Working Group)

■ 会場詳細

会 場 Aldo’s Ristorant
地 図 306 S High St, Baltimore, MD